Cold Weather Payments 2014 - 2015 Who Gets Them?

Updated 20th January 2015

Cold Weather Payments are not the same as Winter Fuel Allowance Payments!

Cold Weather payments may be available - automatically - if you are in the 'low income' group. Set out below...

To qualify for cold weather payments, you have to live in certain areas areas of the UK, where there are 'triggering'  weather conditions during the winter months. Some areas will be deemed to be cold enough for the payment, whilst other will not be cold enough!!!
You can check if your area is cold enough at any given time from November 1st 2014. (Link at bottom of page)

You do not have to receive the pensioner's winter fuel payments. It is possible for other benefits claimants to receive the Cold Weather Payments.

The payment this winter - November 1st 2014 : March 31st 2015 -  is £25.00 for each week that it is payable in your area. (Every week that it is cold enough.)

Who will Get the Cold Weather Payment The persons who are eligible for Cold Weather Payments are those who are on low incomes and live in a postal area where the temperature drops to Zero deg C for a period of seven consecutive days between the dates of 1st November 2014 and 31st March 2015.

Explanation : It is possible for instance, that certain areas of Kent are classified as being cold enough for the 7 day period, whilst nearby in Sussex, there has been one warm day in the middle of the same week, which will prevent payment!!!!

Frosted leavesProbably.......

  • If you are receiving Pension Credit, you will probably be entitled to the CWP each week as set out below. If you are on Income-related Employment and Support Allowance - with support and/or work activity in the main phase of the scheme. You 'could' also get the Cold weather Payment if .....

  • If you are getting Income Support.

  • Income-based Job Seeker's Allowance.

  • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance in the Assessment phase - ie being assessed but not finalised.

  • Universal Credit - if and when that is introduced nationwide!

  • IF You have one of the following>>>>>

    ESA and are receiving any of these...You should be eligible.

    • A Pensioner Premium, A Higher Pensioner Premium, or an Enhanced Pensioner Premium.

    • If you get a Disability Pension, or an enhanced Disability Pension, or if you have a Severe Disability Pension.

    • If you have a Disability Premium, and Enhanced Disability Premium, or if you have a Severe Disability Premium.

    • If you get a Disabled Child Premium

If you are receiving Income Support; Income-based JSA; or Income related ESA AND you have had a baby recently, or have a child under the age of 5 who is living with you (any child) you should tell the JobCentre Plus, or you may not automatically get the payment.

    How do Cold Weather Payments work?

    You will get the cold weather payment if the temperature in your postal code falls to 0 deg C, or anything lower than that, for a period of seven days in a line (seven consecutive days of cold). If there is a warm day in the middle, the payment is not made.

    The Met Office is responsible for which areas are deemed to have triggered the payment. They will decide if your postal code has been - or is Forecast to be - below 0 deg C for any period of seven consecutive days. The payments are only due for those living within that particular postal code area, designated as being cold enough. The Cold Weather Payment is made to you - if you qualify - automatically. You can expect to get it within 14 working days of the seven days 'trigger'. (Working days are Mon - Fri, so the payment can take as long as 16 - 17 days. There is no need to apply.

    How Much is the Cold Weather Payment?

    The Payment is £25.00 for each of the 'full 7 day' periods that the temperature drops to freezing (0 deg C)or below in your postal area. No one gets more - or less. It is a standard payment. It will get to you automatically within 12 days of the benefit clicking in - as outlined above. The cold period can begin on any given day of the week - for instance the cold spell may start on a Wednesday, or any other days. Then it is 7 unbroken cold days from that particular starting point!

    If you think you should have received the Cold Weather Payment, but have not got it after 12 days, then tell your JobCentre Plus, or your local Pension Centre.

    The Cold weather Payment does not affect any other benefits you receive. It will not be deducted from them or whatever.

    This will tell you if your postal area has been selected for payment.

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