Cold Weather Payment. Who gets them and when.

Cold Weather Payments 2010 - 2011 - Who Gets Them?

Cold Weather payments may be available - automatically - if you are in the 'low income' group.

To qualify for cold weather payments, you have to live in certain areas areas of the UK, where there are 'triggering'  weather conditions during the winter months.

You do not have to receive the pensioner's winter fuel payments. It is possible for other benefits claimants to receive the Cold Weather Payments.

The payment this winter November 1st 2009 March 31st 2010 is £25.00 for each week that it is payable in your area.

Who will Get the Cold Weather Payment The persons who are eligible for Cold Weather Payments are those who are on low incomes and live in a postal area where the temperature drops to Zero deg C for a period of seven consecutive days between the dates of 1st November 2010 and 31st March 2011.