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Updated on 18th October 2015.
There are several types of state pension, and different Old Age Pension rates 2015. Much depends upon your own personal circumstances insofar as your years of National Insurance Contributions and your marital status is concerned in relation to what you will be paid..

Pension Credit Payments are also dependent upon your personal circumstances, and are available to those who qualify for Pension Credit Payments.

The Basic State Pension Rates -  How much are the Old Age Pension Rates 2015?

The Basic Maximum Rate for State Pension Rates  for the year 2015 - 2016,  is worth up to £113.10 per week for a single man or woman. This does not mean that you will automatically receive this amount of old Age Pension. Several things can lower this maximum rate. However, there are then other payments which are available to 'top up' your Old Age Pension to the maximum rate shown above.

Who Qualifies for Basic State Pension?

OAP Rates 2015-2016

  • If you are a single man, or a single woman, and have the full number of qualifying years and NI contributions, then the maximum basic Old Age Pension amount 2015,  you will receive is £115.95 for this period - April 2015 - April 2016. If you do not have the full number of qualifying years, then there will be a reduction to this  figure. DON'T WORRY! There are other payments available to help you live within your state  pension rates benefit.
  • If you have less than 30 years qualifying payments of NI or qualifying credits, you will NOT get the maximum Basic Pension. Check here for Qualifying for Basic State Pension.

Married Persons and Civil Partners State Pension entitlement.

  • If you are a married man, a married woman, or you are a civil partner, and qualify from your own NI Contributions, you will be entitled to the basic State Pension Rate of 115.95 from April 2015.
  • However - if you are a married man, married woman or living as a civil partner and using your wife's, husband's or civil partner's National Insurance record, then the maximum state pension amount  you are entitled to is £69.50 per week.
  • Married Couples of State Pension Age, and qualifying for the full pension, will get a maximum of £231.90 - from April 2015 and increasing each April - as with other State Pensions set out in the paragraph below.

The Basic State Pension -  will increase each year - every April - according to how much the Average Earnings have increased ( or by 2.5% or the Prices Index if these are greater. The minimum increase will be that of the Average earnings Index.)

For instance, if the average wages rises by only 1.8% and the Cost of Living Prices Index by 1.5% (Highly unlikely) you will receive and increase of 2.5%

  • Your Entitlement to the Maximum Basic State Pension, is dependent upon your having 'qualified' by having paid enough in National Insurance Contributions during your working lifetime. Check to see if you have qualified for the Maximum State Pension
  • You may also be entitled to an Additional State Pension - S2P - SERPS as once was. Not everyone is entitled to this Pension. It will be dependent upon your previous earnings.

There will be changes to the the State Pension Rates System in 2016. But, the current page is in force until then.

  • Over 80 and not paid enough contributions - you will not get state pension of 66.00
    • You will also get extra Age Addition of 25p per week to go with that pension.

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