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(Heading)The New Jobseekers' Interview. JSA Interview .

Once you have made your telephone call - or applied online - for your Jobseekers' Allowance, you will be given an appointment for an interview at the Jobcentre. No big deal, it's just a talk through to see how the Jobcentre can help you get back into work. It's part of the deal if you want your Jobseekers' Allowance.

Help is at Hand

You will meet with a Jobcentre Plus Advisor, who has been trained to help you. It is important to realise that they are there to HELP you, not to try and deprive you of the benefit that you may be entitled to. They will be aware of the special circumstances and problems of finding a job in your own particular area.

Some of the things they will discuss with you include the following.

  • Additional Help that may be available.
    • Helping you with your CV.
    • Advising you on interview techniques and explaining what to expect.
    • They may be able to suggest help with confidence building if they feel that you need that.
    • They can probably point you in the right direction, if you have not been out of work before.
    • Suggest avenues for help if you are looking for an executive-type job, or a specialist job.
    • If your skills in basic education are below par, then they may be able to help with courses or information.
    • They will have a lot of information about the type of work that is available locally, and might suggest that you try to adapt or re-learn skills for that employment.
    • They may even be able to help 'kit you out' with some clothes which are more suited to a particular interview for a job.

So, you see - it is not all doom and gloom. There are trained people, who actually want to help you. Take advantage of it.

All of the items above are probably available in your area. There are differences between areas, but the majority of help actions are available everywhere.

Provided that you act in a reasonable manner - at the Jobcentre, and in your endeavours to find work, there should be no problem with your JSA.

After this 'New Jobseeker's Allowance' interview, you will need to attend similar interviews each fortnight. These are simply follow up interviews - 'job search reviews' - just to see how you are coping - and what steps you are taking to find a job.

You should keep a full record of what you have been doing in order to find a job. Write every little thing down. It looks impressive, and helps 'prove' that you are in fact Job Seeking. Your Advisor will see that you are trying, and not wasting their time. They will be happy - they are human.

After about 13 weeks - if you still have no job - you will be called for appointment to 'review' your status.