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Disability Living Allowance - DLA UK Benefits

Updated 14th January 2016

DLA - Please note that New claims for DLA are only available for children under 16 years.

Although, some already receiving DLA may be allowed to re-apply. DLA in effect has been handed over to the newish Personal Independence Payment form of benefit.


DLA is very broadly speaking, ‘extra’ money for people who don’t manage ‘well’ when left to their own devices - either because of difficulties looking after themselves, communicating and socialising, or because of some sort of ‘risk’. It is one of the Tax-Free benefits that are available.

Even if you have a lifetime award of Disability Living Allowance, you will be 'invited' to claim for PIP instead.

If your Disability Living Allowance is due to expire, then you will most certainly be invited to claim PIP. This is also the case if there is a change in your personal circumstances, such as a change in the way your condition now affects you, that requires you to inform the DLA authority.

Disability Living Allowance

Who Can Claim DLA?

Unless you are already receiving DLA - DLA Benefit is available ONLY for children only now since April 2013. For Adults claiming anew it has been replaced by PIP - Personal Independence Payment

Your child does not have to be severely handicapped to claim this benefit, and many recipients do not actually consider themselves as being 'handicapped'. If you simply have 'walking difficulties - even though you might be working.

Even if you have savings or other income, but suffer as above, then you could be entitled to DLA for your child. Savings and/or income is NOT taken into account. DLA is a tax-free benefit, and it does not normally affect any other benefits you might be claiming.

Care and Mobility Components for Child DLA Benefits Payments.

There are two different parts to DLA - called Care Parts  or Components. Sometimes they call them 'Parts' - sometimes they call them 'Components'! The DWP recognises that this might cause confusion, so even explain that they are both one and the same thing as far as DLA is concerned. A 'component' is of course a 'part' so why they have to differentiate we are not sure.

Care Part - Component

  1. Lowest Care Component - weekly rate of £21.80 - For those that need some form of help or assistance for part of the day or for help with cooking meals etc.
  2. Middle Care Component - weekly rate of £55.10 - For those that need more help, or even full time help or supervision at nights for such tasks as assisting you with dialysis.
  3. Highest Care Component - weekly rate of £82.30 - For those who need assistance through the day and also throughout the night time. This component is also applicable to the terminally Ill.

Mobility Component - Part.

  1. Lower Mobility Component - weekly rate of £21.80 - this is for those who need supervision and/or guidance when outdoors. Maybe you can walk, but are at risk of putting yourself or others in danger for reasons of your disability - maybe deafness, partial blindness, behavioural problems. Basically anything that you suffer from that could cause injury or danger if you are not accompanied or supervised.
  2. Higher Mobility Component - weekly rate £57.45 - For those with higher rate of disability - cannot walk, or only walk short distances with considerable discomfort or pain - are 100% blind and 80% deaf.

If you need help looking after yourself

You might get the care part of DLA if you:

If you have walking difficulties

You might get the mobility part of DLA if, when using your normal aid, you:

You might also get it if you:

Medical Examination

If there is any doubt about your condition, then the DWP may ask you to attend for medical assessment. This would not normally be necessary if the problems caused by your physical or mental condition are obvious. The medical examination will be carried out by a health care professional on behalf of the DWP. If you are not satisfied with the result and implications of your medical assessment, then you can appeal against the decision. There is a special way in which you have to appeal, with relevant forms available from the DWP.

You will need to take identification to any Medical Examination. This allows them to see that it is actually 'YOU' being assessed and not some good actor!!!

The identification should be any THREE of the following

Payment of DLA

Where payment of DLA is forthcoming, it will be paid every 4 weeks into a bank or savings account as with all benefits.

Cube of Benefits

Cut in available cash

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