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What Happens After Your ESA Medical Examination.

Updated 16th April 2017

You may or may not have actually had a physical medical examination. It may well be that your ESA claim can be processed after the first stage of the medical assessment - the interview.

Whichever part of the medical assessment is completed, the end result will be the same - your medical file will go to someone in the DWT who will make a decision about your claim. They have many thousands of claims to deal with, and sometimes mistakes are made.

All of your claim details will go to the person who makes the decisions. It is not just your medical assessment, but all particulars from every form you have filled in or any questions you have answered in various interviews - normally just one at this stage.

If the decision maker decides that you are entitled to ESA, then they will also decide what aspect of the benefit you will be entitled to, and what activity you must undertake to get that ESA benefit.

For instance, you may be asked to participate in a work activity group - advising you on the action that you should now take in order to find suitable work.

  Or you may be placed in a support group, where the emphasis will be on giving you the support you require - either to find work that is suitable for you, or pointing you in the direction you should take in order to obtain the correct benefits.

Confidential Information.

The medical examination details are totally confidential, in that they will not be passed to a potential employer or other outside agency. The confidentiality is strictly between you and the DWP. As stated previously, you can request a copy of your medical report. This may help you decide whether or not to bring about an appeal against a decision. You will get the medical report copy through the post. You cannot simply go along and claim to see it.

If the healthcare officer feels that there is something that they have found which should be discussed or actioned by your own doctor, they will write and ask you if they may do this - on your behalf.

Complaints Procedure.

If at any time you are not happy - for whatever reason with the way your medical assessment is carried out, you may 'complain' on the spot, or complain at a later date - for instance when you receive notification of the decision affecting your claim for ESA.  You will receive a brochure explaining the complaints procedure of the DWP and in particular how to complain about your medical assessment results.

If you are happy with your medical, but not happy with the eventual decision about your ESA claim, then you can either

March 9th 2017
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