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Mental Health Problems - How to Claim Benefits.

Updated 17th April 2017

If you suffer from mental health problems and are concerned about which benefits are available to help you, you are not alone. Nearly half of the claims for disability benefits are from those with mental health problems. So, what benefits can I claim for mental health problems is a valid thought and yes, there are benefits available for those suffering from a wide range of mental illness disabilities.

There is a very basic criteria that the government adopts in assessing whether you have a disability owing to mental health problems. “A mental health condition is considered a disability if it has a long-term effect on your normal day-to-day activity. This is defined under the Equality Act 2010.”

Long term is defined as lasting 12 months – or likely to last at least twelve months. You do not have to wait and suffer for twelve months before claiming. If your are diagnosed as having I mental illness that is ‘likely’ to last 12 months you are able to claim for disability benefits.

Together with the benefits claimable, if your mental health condition means you are disabled you can get support at work from your employer. This takes various forms and should be looked into with your employer or a trusted advisor. Support in employment for disability is your right.

Help is available for Identifying benefits you might be entitled to; claiming these benefits; supporting others with benefit claims. 

What Benefits can be Claimed for Mental Health Problems.

Attendance Allowance - A guide to claiming these vital benefits in a mental health context. 

Types of Mental Health Problems leading to disability for benefit purposes.

These are some of the mental health conditions that can have disability implications. This is not an exhaustive list, for mental health covers a wide range of illnesses.

March 9th 2017
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March 8th 2017
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