Mental Health 'Descriptors'

Personal Capability Assessment - Mental ‘Disabilities’

  • Mental condition prevents person from doing leisure activities previously enjoyed: 1
  • Frequently finds there is so much to do that gives up due to fatigue, apathy or disinterest: 1
  • Overlooks/forgets the risks posed by domestic appliances or other common hazards: 1
  • Is scared or anxious that work would bring back or worsen illness: 1
  • Agitation, confusion or forgetfulness has led to a mishap or accident in the last 3 months: 1
  • Concentration can only be sustained by prompting: 1
  • Mental problems impair ability to communicate with others: 2
  • Cannot look after self without help from others: 2
  • Does not care about appearance or living conditions: 1
  • Gets upset by ordinary events and it results in disruptive behavioural problems: 2
  • Needs encouragement to get up and dress: 2
  • Is too frightened to go out alone: 1
  • Needs alcohol before midday: 2
  • Prefers to be left alone for 6 hours+ a day: 1
  • Is frequently distressed at some time of the day, due to mood fluctuations: 1
  • Gets irritated by things that would not have bothered claimant before s/he became ill: 1
  • Sleep problems interfere with daytime activities: 1


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Mental Health Descriptors

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