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Child Tax Credits - How Much and How to Claim.

Incudes Payment Dates for Child Tax Credits

Updated - April 5th 2017

BIG CHANGE April 5th 2017

***Child Tax Credit - From April this year the ‘family element’ of £545 per year will be abolished.***

Child tax Credit is not a benefit as such, but a credit set against your income and other circumstances. It is paid as per other benefits – ie into your normal benefits bank account.

You do not have to be employed to be able to claim of be eligible for Child Tax Credit, and how much Tax Credit you will get depends entirely on your own personal/financial circumstances.

Child Tax Credit does not affect your normal Child Benefit Payments.

The basics of eligibility for Child Tax Credit are

Mother and child eligible for Child Tax Credit ot not?““If you share responsibility for a child with another person and you can’t agree who should claim you can both apply. The Tax Credit Office will decide for you.""

You can claim for an adopted or fostered child if you’re not getting money from your local council (Health and Social Services Board in Northern Ireland). If you do get money call the Tax Credit Helpline to find out if you can claim.””

If the Child is disabled

There could be extra Child Tax Credits available if the child either:

You still qualify for this disabled element even if Disability Living Allowance, Personal Independence Payment or Armed Forces Independence Payment stops owing to the child goes into hospital.

How Much is Child Tax Credit?

How much you may get is dependent upon many factors which we explain above – and below.

Please note that these figures are NOT actual but are ‘up to’ and depend on a number of factors, such as your income, how many children you have living with you and whether or not you have childcare costs. The childcare costs play an important part in determining what you are entitled to – especially if you are earning more than £25,000 per annum AS A HOUSEHOLD – not just your individual earnings.

Income Threshold for Child Tax Credit

A household earnings sum of £16,105 or below, will entitle you to the full rates as outlined above for each Child Tax Credit you are fully entitled to. This earnings sum is the income threshold. Anything over and above that will mean a reduction of 41p for every additional pound (£) that you earn.

Together with that, if you are receiving both Working Tax Credit and also Child Tax Credit, then the threshold starts at £6,420, after which, each pound of income (fir the household) will mean a reduction of 41p in your Credit payments.

Online Calculator for Child Tax Credit amount you should be entitled to.

There are online Child tax Credit Calculators which will give you an ideas as to how much you will be entitled to

How to Claim Child Tax Credits

Helpline number for Child Tax Credits is - 0345 300 3900. You can get a Claims form From this number

You should also contact this number for ANY changes in your circumstances if you are already getting Child Tax Credit.  

Any NEW claims for Child Tax Credits after APRIL 2017 will be subject to new rates and regulations re entitlement. Existing claims should remain the same.

Tax Credits Payment Dates for 2017-2018

Due date : Payment date - Earlier for most Bank Holidays


March 9th 2017
***Child Tax Credit - From April this year the ‘family element’ of £545 per year will be abolished.***

March 8th 2017
**MPs are calling for a halt to the accelerating roll-out of Universal Credit as the ongoing problems are causing undue and unnecessary hardship**

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