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The Help with the Health in Pregnancy Grant. Benefits for Pregnant Mothers.

There is a grant available for pregnant women who are receiving advice on how to stay healthy during pregnancy for either a doctor or midwife - normally at Ante-Natal clinic.

The grant is for £190, and is a one-off. the number of children born does not affect the size of the grant - nor how much you earn! Read on.....

A pregnant woman may be entitled to a special one-off payment ( tax-free) which is intended to help with the inevitable additional costs leading up to the birth of the child.

You may be entitled to the grant if …

There are different rules if you or your partner are posted abroad as Servants of the Crown – HM Forces or Civil Servants. ******Rules for those posted abroad ****

How much is the grant? It is normally a one-off payment for current and subsequent pregnancies. Please note it is for the pregnancy and not the number of babies that arrive. Twins or triplets etc – the grant is still £190.

The ‘Health in Pregnancy’ grant is additional to any other benefits that you are entitled to as a pregnant mother. The grant is the same, whoever you are. There is no means testing for this grant.


You will need to get your claim form from either your doctor or midwife. No-one else can give it to you. It is normally available at your ante-natal clinic. You usually get given it after your 25th week of pregnancy – you should not have to ask, but it might be an idea to alert them to the fact a week or so before your 25th week! Check that they have completed, dated, and signed their own part off the form before they give it to you. No-one escapes the form filling!

Fill in your part of the form, and send it off – you will get an envelope. >>>>

HM Revenue & Customs Health in Pregnancy Grant, Comben House, Farriers Way, Liverpool L75 1AX

If they do not give you your form – or if they have not got them, (!) then make a call to the Pregnancy Grant helpline - 0845 366 7885.

The Staff at the Helpline will then send the form your midwife or doctor. There should then be no problem, but DO get your claim in on time – within 31 days of the doctor or midwife signing it!
If you are a bit disorganised or forgetful, then you can even get a friendly reminder to do so!

Follow the link or text DUE followed by the date due in ddmmyy format.

So, due on 23rd March 2010 becomes a text to > DUE230310 – Job done!

How do you get the money?

The grant will be paid directly into your bank account – or building society account. The account will have to be in either your own name or the name of you and you partner. It can also be paid into the account of someone acting for you if you do not have an account. Any problems with the account, then simply phone the Helpline number - - 0845 366 7885.


If none of this answers your questions about the Health in Pregnancy Grant, you can actually email the Help section by following the link below.

DO NOT give any personal information in the email form. Only ask your question. You will receive an email to tell you that they have your query, then you should get an answer within a week or so. Yes, it takes that long sometimes.

When you get an email back, make sure that it is from the HMRC and do not send any personal information back to them. If there is a link within your reply email, DO NOT click it - it is not from HMRC!

Send in your general Health in Pregnancy Grant query by email. This link will take you to the government website, where you can fill in the question form. Email Link.

March 9th 2017
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March 8th 2017
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