Senior Citizens - Old Age Pensioners - OAP Benefits that Can be Claimed

Seniors and Old Age Pensioners -PLEASE claim your benefits that you are entitled to!

Many Seniors are not claiming their rights to benefits. Seniors Benefits - or OAP Benefits - are a RIGHT to which you may be entitled. It could mean as much as £400 extra per year! The Old Age Pension - or State Pension as now is - is just part of the benefits that you may be entitled to.

Living costs are rising. You do not need us to tell you that. What - it seems - that you do need us to tell you, is that you maybe entitled to benefits which you are not claiming for. Even in this age of computerisation, the government does not automatically know that you may need these benefits, because many different parts of the government only have the information that THEY are responsible. YOU may have to claim for them.

Pension Tax Credit, Council Tax Benefit, or maybe housing benefit. They are all there to help you if you are considered to be needy! Your Old Age Pension should be paid automatically - without you having to claim it.

  But it is something that you will have to keep an eye on, and also check to make sure that you are getting your correct Old Age Pension.

It has been estimated that 30% of all pensioners/seniors miss out on payments to which they are entitled. Benefits that could mean as much as an extra month's income! The problem is - as we have said - no-one tells you. You have to find out yourself.

Your first step is to call the Pensions Service. They have a help line at 0800 99 1234. When you get through - it is a free call - you will actually find them helpful. This line is simply not only for questions about your Old Age Pension, but for all seniors benefits that you can claim as a Senior Citizen.


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