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Simple Payment Card DWP - Pensions, Benefits, Child Maintenance

The Simple Payment System is an alternative method of payment and collecting your benefits payments. It is useful - or necessary - if you do not have one of the benefits preferred methods of payment such as a bank or building society account.

The Payments of benefits into your Simple Payment account is only available in restricted instances by the DWP. It is not the government’s preferred way to pay your benefits, but for an increasing number of people, The Simple Payment Card is a convenient way forward with your finances. The scheme is provided as a service by a combination of The Government, Citibank and PayPoint services

Simple Payment Cards are not part of the benefits system – much the same as bank and building societies are not but the government is involved to ensure that you can get access to your benefits payments without a bank account type.

It is not a bank card that you can use for paying bills etc. It is ONLY for withdrawing your benefits payment in cash. You should also know that you have to withdraw the full amount of the benefit payment. You cannot leave the balance in for a rainy day! You cannot withdraw any extra money - only what is due for your benefit payment

PayPoint LogoOnce you have got your Simple Payment PayPoint Card…

How you can get your money

The basic solution is easy – once you know how! Take your card to any PayPoint outlet, which will be displaying the PayPoint Sign and ALSO a "Simple Payment Sign" . Some PayPoint outlets do not pay out the simple Payment sums. There has to be the Simple Payment sign as well. Show your PayPoint Card and you will be able to get your money – in cash.

To collect your money, you will need to show your card and also remember and confirm a memorable date – that you have previously informed them of. You do not need a pin number - just the memorable date. You can change this number if you wish, as it is originally set as your date of birth. Other people may know your date of birth, so change it to another date that you can remember easily.

  You will also need an original document such as a utility bill, photo or paper driving licence, passport or other valid ID. This will have to be the original and NOT a photo copy. If you use a utility or landline phone bill, it will need to be less than three months old.

If you don't have any of normal paperwork for ID, then contact your benefits office, and they will give you a letter authorising you to receive the benefits payment. You can also contact the simple payment number below.

These – even if annoying – are meant for your own security and safety of you cash and account.

Paypoint centres and outlets are increasing all the time and include many local stores, such as newsagents, corner shops and many of the brand name supermarkets.

When will Your money be available at Paypoint Simple Pay?

Your money will be available in cash on the normal day that you have been informed by DWP that your payments will be due. You do not have to collect it on that particular day - any other day after the due time is ok.

Can someone else collect your money on your behalf? Yes!

If the same person regularly collects your money from PayPoint – such as if you are sick or otherwise housebound – they will be able to get their own Simple Payment Card. Then they will go through the same steps of identity as you would normally be required – show their card, memorable date etc.

If it is not the same person collecting your money for you, they will need to have your card. You will also have to tell them your memorable date. They will then need their own form of identity as above.

It is a good – necessary – step to ensure that you get your card back from them each time – together with your money.

Lost your Simple Payment Card? Simple Payment Lost Card Emergency

It happens from time to time – so be prepared; carry this number with you to be on the safe side - 0800 032 5872. The emergency line is available 24 hours a day. Find out about call charges.

They will block your card against fraudulent use, and send you a new one. You should not miss any payment into your Simple Payment account, but of course will not be able to withdraw until you get your new card.

If this causes you severe problems re payment or money, you may get special arrangements to get access to your account and money. The Emergency Simple Payment phone number 0800 032 5872 is the first call to make. They will advise you.

Normal Help and advice about Simple Payment PayPoint Card

Contact the Simple Payment number helpline for more help and advice.

Simple Payment Contact Number -

Simple Payment number - Telephone: 0845 600 0046

Textphone: 0800 032 5864

The Simple Payments System - UK Government

March 9th 2017
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March 8th 2017
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