What Benefits Can I Claim – My Entitlement?

The most popular searches and queries we get about benefits entitlement are based around the questions of ‘what am I entitled to in my particular circumstances?’ We set out the most frequently asked questions and hopefully give some of the answers. Who can get benefits is based upon a wide range of circumstances, but there are many common factors that are also built into the benefits system

Age related questions figure high in the list, with an increase of searches for those near the perceived retirement age.

Many of the benefits will eventually be replaced by the single Universal Credit Benefits Payment, if the government still persists in going down this route!

Following on from the enquiries about ‘who can get what’ comes the inevitable questions about ‘how much can I get’ – all dealt with in some detail.

Wondering woman about benefits to claimMany benefits are health-related, but increasingly questions about employment or unemployment benefits arise; quite different, but again some are available for you whether in work or not.

There are several benefits calculators on the Web - listed below - but this is just a quick guide based upon actual searches in the Google UK search database.

We have placed them into general categories to help with specific cases.

If you have a specific benefit you are seeking information about, then then our A-Z of Benefits is a good starting point - or else the search box up in the heading.

The next most popular search queries relating to benefits are those seeking information about how much is paid for different benefits.

List of Benefits That You May be able to Claim.

*General Benefits  |  *Age Related  | *Employment Related  | *Unemployed  | *Pregnancy  | *Parent and Child  | *Sickness Disability  | *Carers  | *Students

General Benefits Claims

General Benefits

Age Related Benefits

Age Related

Employment Related Benefits

Employment Related

Unemployment Related Benefits

Unemployed Benefits

Pregnancy Related Benefits


Parent and Child Benefits

Parent and Child Benefits

Disability and Illness Benefits

Sickness and Disability

Carer’s Benefits

Carer Benefits

Student Benefits


How and When are benefits Paid?

March 9th 2017
***Child Tax Credit - From April this year the ‘family element’ of £545 per year will be abolished.***

March 8th 2017
**MPs are calling for a halt to the accelerating roll-out of Universal Credit as the ongoing problems are causing undue and unnecessary hardship**

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